A Professional Network

      Your Real Estate Broker Team, our lending partners, title

       company, home inspector and /or builders. We work with the

       best in the business  to make your home buying is seamless and



Automated Home Search Set Up

      When we gather your home criteria, we will set up an automated

      search with real time results. The newest listings will be sent to you 

      immediately as they hit the market.


Specified Neighborhood Search

      If you wish to be in a specified neighborhood or a particular

       area such as, gated, waterfront, riverfront or close to certain schools

       we will narrow the search for you so that is all you see.


Extensive Lot Search

        We have the capacity to find any lot in any area. For instance, if you

        are looking for a lot in the NW area of Cape Coral, on gulf access

        under your specified price, if it is out there, we will find it quickly


Builder Preference

      If you have a certain builder you would like to work with, we know just

      about every builder in our area and what they offer.  You will not save

      money cutting the realtor out of the deal because every builder has

      monies in the price of his homes set aside for realtors. The monies will be given

      either to the Realtor who will act as your licensed representative or it will

      go back into the builder’s pocket. However, working with our licensed representatives

      you have professional negotiators that will know all the hidden fees when building

      a home that will bring them to light before you commit yourself to a binding

      contract for sale so you are not surprised at closing. 


Professional Negotiators

     Our team is comprised of experienced licensed real estate professionals who are prepared to

     negotiate everything on your behalf from the lot and home on a new build to existing home

     with the sellers. Your Broker team has been in the business for over 14 years in this area.

     We understand and abide by the Florida real estate laws and we get the job done for you.

     You will have a licensed professional protecting your interests while you work with us.

     And while we are paid by the seller and/or builder, our responsibility is to you the buyer.


We Can Save You Money When Buying A Home

        Our Experienced team knows the market prices in our area. We look to see

        how long a home has been on the market. We look up each home you are

        interested in to make sure they have no liens or unpaid fees that could lead

        to you paying more for the property than you should. We do our due diligence to

        make sure the property has no material defects that would affect the value of

        the property. We know what lot and homes are reasonably priced and which are

        not. We know how high or how low an offer would be considered acceptable or

        unacceptable, but most importantly, we know most of the listing agents out there

        representing their sellers and how to approach them. We help you by using this

        valuable information to assist you when looking for the right home for you and

        ultimately saving you time and money.