What if, you could build a new, stronger, more energy efficient home out of materials used for commercial buildings, improving your quality of life, with a low down payment, no constuction interest, saving you thousands, and at a great rate with mortgage payments lower than the typical rent..would you do it?  Would you tell your friends? 


  •  The strongest commercial buildings constructed today are built with steel frames and concrete.

  • Our builder constructs his homes with concrete, steel frames and Structural Insulated Panel exterior walls that are fire resistant, mold, mildew and pest resistant similar to what is used in commercial construction.                                                                       
  • The roofing trusses are also steel. 
  • Our Builder uses  5/12 roof pitch on all his steel homes which is typically built on the average home in our area.
  • The roof  is the new stylish “Old Florida Style" metal roof  with a 50 yr. warranty, (with a choice of colors) which has gained popularity and is widely used on high end homes.
  • The outside of this superior wall is built with stucco siding like the average Florida home, but steel frame homes are much stronger than the average home built with wood frames prone to pests, mildew, mold and decay.
  • Another option our builder offers is cement “Hardie board” siding in front, adding extra strength and style to the homes.
  • A third option is “Stack Stone” trim, used in SW Florida for years as a stylish trim to enhance the homes exterior.
  • Concrete /Steel homes have a hurricane wind rating of over 200-mph, superior to traditionally built homes with a 135-mph wind rating.
  • Concrete/Steel homes are site built homes that are much stronger than traditional site built homes and are much more affordable.
  • While the home materials may cost more, a much smaller workforce of sub-contractors are needed.
  • For every $1.00 it costs an average home to build it costs $1.28 in labor to build it. By requiring a much smaller but intensly skilled workforce, our steel homes are much more affordable to build than wood frame,cinder block homes.
  • Steel is 100% recycleable and therefore results in much less waste in building a home.
  • Steel is the most substainable material in the world. This material is an economical choice, is 100% environmentaly friendly, has low maintenance costs and a long life.

 What Is The Typical SW Florida Home Made Of?

Cinder block makes up about 82% of Homes built in Cape Coral Fl.

•While this material is also fire resistant, it is prone to mold, mildew water seepage, & insects with hurricane ratings of only 135-mph.
• Believe it or not, cinder blocks are made with cinder ash, (the dusty remains of burnt coal) and Portland Cement, (a mixture of paste and water that binds with sand and rock.}
• All the liquid ingredients are poured in a mold and the result is hollow bricks held together by mortar.
•Interior frames are made of wood.
•The wood frame walls are covered with "drywall" which is sheet rock covered in paper with fiberglass stuffing as insulation.
Second floors and roof trusses, windows and door frames are all made with wood, though the first floor is made with cinder blocks.
•The exterior is typically covered with stucco.


What about ICF Homes? 

Are homes made with Insulated Concrete Forms any better?

  • Insulated Concrete Forms are polystyrene forms (commonly known as Styrofoam) with plastic inserts to hold the steel rebar inside the form vertically and horizontally.
  • Once the Styrofoam wall is created and set, concrete is poured into the exterior walls. 
  • Wood frame and standard sheetrock is used in the interior of the home as well as in the trusses holding up the roof. Wood is useptable to fire and will burn. 
  • Though this material creates quite a sturdy exterior wall that is also fire, mold and pest resistant, according to Building.com magazine, “100% Poured concrete walls have a tendency to crack and crumble in extreme temperatures” and this will effect the homes structural integrity.
  • ICF homes typically cost 10%-20% more to build than traditional construction due to the high cost and large amount of concrete needed to build the home making this style home far less affordable.


What About Wood Frame Homes?

  • Though these types of homes are the most affordable, they do not provide the benefits of other types of construction.
  • These homes are susceptible to termites, mold, mildew.
  • Wood frame homes are completely and easily flammable with a 2 hour burn rating before building collapse.
  • Hurricane wind rating for wood frame homes are roughly between 120-130mph before total devastation and collapse. 
  • Unless it is a modular home.


What about Concrete/Steel Hybrid Homes?

  • Concrete/steel hybrid homes are made out of a superior technology bring concrete and steel together, making these homes pest resistant, mold & mildew resistant, fire resistant and just as strong as ICF homes, but safer and more cost efficient.
  • What makes them different than site built homes is that the exterior walls go up quickly]]]]] in the same day so no pests can nest in the home during construction.
  • These homes are constructed with steel frames inside and out and installation of floors, kitchen, baths 
  •  Concrete/steel hybrid homes typically have a hurricane wind rating of 180-mph.
  •  Concrete/steel hybrid homes are much less expensive to build than traditional homes.

   Why Steel is Superior?


  Steel is what is primarily used in building commercial properties. 

  • According to The Heritage property Insurance website, “This material is gaining buzz as an environmentally sound replacement for wood beams in home construction, and for good reason. Recycled scrap steel reduces energy required for steel production by up to 75 percent and saves trees. With its ability to stand up to high winds and even earthquakes, it’s also incredibly durable, making it ideal for regions susceptible to hurricanes.”

•Steel is a sustainable material. Home Advisor tells us that,

 “Steel frames are stronger than wood frames.Steel is stronger than wood and more resistant to fire, earthquake and tornado damage, and can cost less to insure. Steel also does not rot, warp, crack, split or change with the weather and it is termite- and vermin-proof. Steel-framed structures move less. Walls, floors and roofs consistently stay straight when built with steel framing. And, because the structure moves less than when wood framing is used, steel frames can reduce air leakage and energy costs. Steel framing is environmentally friendly. Steel is the most environmentally friendly choice, as it saves trees, is non-toxic and creates 100-percent recyclable waste.”

  • In addition to using steel frames and trusses, our builder uses DensArmor walls ensuring the structures built are insulated with superior material, fire resistant on the inside (as well as the outside) and is mold, mildew and pest resistant. 
  • The key to our builder’s product of steel framing is the patent pending structural connections providing resistance to the threat of fires. These patent pending connectors are made for extreme weather conditions, thus allowing for an extremely short on site construction schedule - generally the home can be fully assembled on site within 45 days from the completion of the slab. 
  • Insurance savings and lower energy bills are the bonus that comes with these homes.
  • Our builder’s product is Leed Certified. (Leadership in Energy and Environmentaly Designed) Certifying that our homes are "Green Buildings".  This process offers third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at reducing energy and water usage, promoting better indoor air quality, and improving quality of life.
  • Our builder pays attention to details and you can be assured that our homes construction materials have been carefully selected for maximizing recycled content, embodied energy, end of life recycling, low embodied energy.
  •  Preferences include: Metal roofs, Hardie siding, Metal framing, LED light fixtures, Energy Star appliances, Energy Efficient water heater, Water Sense plumbing fixtures, Formaldehyde free cabinets, Locally sourced countertops, Recycled content flooring, VOC free interior paint.
  • The Green home Exterior includes materials optimized to reduced maintenance and provide longevity.
  • The Interior materials are selected to provide improved indoor air quality, with no off gassing from embodied chemicals and mold resistance.
  • All homes are equipped with energy efficient appliances.

We have served Lee County as Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and Brokers for the last 14 years and have been inside hundreds of homes.  We have toured every home model in our area and have sold different types of homes built from frame, ICF and concrete block. These steel built homes in our opinion are superior as they have no negatives as far as we could find. They stand strong in inclement weather, and provide all the benefits you would expect from a safe home. Times are changing. Like technology has changed the way we communicate from cell phones to computers, change has also come to the way homes are built. Steel Homes are the wave of the future improving energy efficiency, indoor air quality and overall quality of life.